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Welcome to the Young Money Masters web site. Thank you for visiting! Young Money Masters is a book that helps teenagers and young adults make good money decisions.


Why Not Point Your Loved Ones In The Right Financial Direction?


If you are about to start making your first financial decisions or care about someone who is, Young Money Masters is for you! Financial planning starts before you get your first credit card, before you pick a career path, and before you get your first paycheck. You want to prepare yourself before you get started. Inside Young Money Masters you will discover the information to guide you as you take your first financial steps.


You will discover the secrets to help you:


$  Form the one habit that will guarantee your financial success

$  Control your credit cards, rather than your credit cards controlling you

$  Keep the process as simple as possible

$  Watch how your money flows in and out

$  Discover the freedom that comes with money in the bank

$  Use time to your advantage

$  Take full advantage of your employer's savings plan and IRAs


About the Author:

Lewis Mansfield Johnson is a Registered Investment Advisor Agent. He has more than 25 years of financial planning experience. Lewis's area of expertise is helping people who are just starting to build up their financial assets.



If you are just starting out on your financial journey, you want to make sure you will be successful. Young Money Masters will point you in the right direction and help you form the habits to succeed. Why not discover its benefits today?

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