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Special Note about the Book


This is an unique book. It is designed to provide useful financial information to young adults who are in their teens and early twenties. Ideally, kids should read this when they start high school. It covers information on how to use credit cards properly; how your educational decisions impact your finances; how to take control of your money flow; why you want to start saving and investing as soon as possible; why you want to have an emergency fund; and how to take advantage of your company's savings plan. It has all the information you need as you finish your formal education, move out on your own, start your first job, and start taking steps to achieve your financial dreams. Given that the ideal reader is a teenager, the book is brief. It contains all the crucial concepts and ideas in a concentrated form.


If a teenager had a choice between buying a book on money or going to the movies with his friends, the book on money would lose. Therefore, the person who buys the book is not likely to be the person who will use the book. This book is a gift. You give it to someone who you want to see succeed with their finances. It is an ideal gift for your family members. If you happen to be in your teens or early twenties and you are buying it for yourself, you are way ahead of the pack when it comes to money.


Everything about the book is designed to get young adults to read, understand, and apply its financial concepts. They will refer to it again and again as they start taking their first financial steps.